Cabbit crossing

thinking outside the genre box


At Cabbit Crossing Publishing, we started as readers who love urban fantasy, epic fantasy, science-fiction, superheroes, and more. Now we are writing what we love and sharing it with the world!

Like the urban legend of the cabbit (a cat rabbit hybrid) our stories are blends of genres. Some are your favorite genres with a slight twist and others are a mish-mash of genre fun that might be considered a new sub-genre (but we’ll let the readers decide that).



Marx pyle

Mfa in writing popular fiction

Marx Pyle is a novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, podcaster, and marital artist who likes to write about secret agents, vampires, secret agents that kill vampires, and everything in-between. Urban fantasy is his first love, but he dabbles in the various types of science fiction, epic fantasy, and horror because he can’t filter that “what if” voice in his head. Even though he packs in action, scares, and laughs, he also likes to explore deep themes that affect us all.

He co-founded Cabbit Crossing Publishing to publish his more experimental stories and to help other writers.

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“Storytelling is a superpower. With nothing but a few words on a thin piece of paper or a screen we can transport readers to new worlds.”

The team

A team that knows the rules and then breaks them.


The Cabbit Crossing Publishing team are striving to give the world the best books we can. We also produce a podcast, GenreTainment, where we interview writers and other artists.